How to make a mermaid outfit

How to make a mermaid outfit

I was given a few boxes of fabric recently, and as soon as I saw the blue I knew it was destined for mermaidendom. The kindergarten my daughter attends has a couple of well-worn mermaid skirts and much-too-large-for-the-children bikini tops that are regularly played with. I decided it was time they had more practical outfits … Continue reading

Nine Rules for Space Travel

When he’s out past his bedtime, Master Five tends to chatter at over a hundred miles an hour, and his thoughts flip-flop all over the place. On a recent night-time trip into the Emergency Department for a little boy with excruciating abdominal pain, I got to experience this wonderful phenomena when, after an almighty chunder, … Continue reading

Feeding your fake fish

Creating your own underwater world when you’re three-years-old can be a wonderful crafting experience where you get to use lots of skills and see your ideas turned into reality. Or it can be a wonderful crafting experience (for your Mother) that turns you into an Evil Overlord who rules with an iron fist. Whilst being an … Continue reading

Copulatus Interruptus

It’s every parents’ nightmare; the fear of being caught in the act by your offspring. Apart from the time I had my own cheering squad, we’ve been lucky up to this point, but that may have something to do with the fact that opportunities are few and far between when you have young children. When the … Continue reading

Doodle Doodling

My kids have both been late developers when it came to artwork. On the rare occasions that my son could be coerced into doing some painting at pre-school, he would do a few blobs, declare his masterpiece was done and scamper off to play before anyone got any ideas about making him do any more. … Continue reading

Is it okay to lie to your children?

Sometimes people ask me if it’s okay to lie to your children. Actually that’s a lie, but I’m sure if people actually saw me as the parenting guru that I see myself, they would be asking for my guidance on such important matters. Just the other day the other half and myself got to test … Continue reading

Fun activities for the contagious child

So you’re stuck at home with a child who is generally feeling quite well, but has something contagious that is keeping them from school, pre-school or daycare? If you have more than one child, you may be in the unfortunate position of having them all home at the same time. If you don’t want to … Continue reading

The Runaway Running Bike

For her 3rd birthday, we bought our daughter a balance bike because we’d seen how effective they were with her older brother. He didn’t need training wheels when he graduated to a pedal bike, and his time on the balance bike also proved invaluable for when he started riding a motorbike when he was almost … Continue reading