Shopping in the Dark Ages versus now

A hairy tale of bargain shopping in ye olden days, and some most excellent advice for looking bodacious in your new attire

Way back in 1989 I got a job working in a retail clothing store. In those days if you wanted to get a bargain you had to wait for the big sales which usually happened twice a year. They were brutal. People would be queuing to get in before the store opened, and then carnage would reign as people who you normally considered to be quite sane (despite their questionable 80s attire), went berserk trying to get their hands on all the items they’d scouted the store for the day before. Fisticuffs weren’t unusual, and many an eye was poked out by a well aimed, over-hairsprayed fringe.

Fast forward twenty-something years later and it’s completely different. Now all your bargain shopping can be done online 24/7 and, unless something pretty weird is going on in your place, there shouldn’t be any hair related bodily harm occurring.

I have this friend who is always super organised and has birthday and Christmas presents arranged well in advance, whereas I tend to leave everything to the last  minute. No prizes for guessing which one of us is less stressed. She uses NZSale and does her shopping throughout the year, so when I was approached by NZSale to try out their site in exchange for a review I figured it was worth finding out more.

Signing up is easy – you can set up an account with your email and a password, or use your Facebook account.

They have a large range of products from clothing, footwear, beauty products, jewellery, toys, wine, housewares, and even travel bargains, with up to 80% off the normal retail price.

One of the great advantages in buying clothing online is that you can try it on at home, without having to see yourself up close in the full length mirror under the unflattering light that store changing rooms seem to delight in. I don’t have full length mirrors in my house, so I can only see how the whole outfit looks if I stand well away from the dressing table mirror. This is a much more flattering way of seeing yourself when you get to my age. If I take my glasses off it softens the whole look and, might I say, makes me look pretty darned sexy.


Another advantage of trying on at home is that if, like me, you still automatically grab clothing more appropriate to your size and body shape of ten years ago, you won’t have to go through ten minutes of huffing, puffing and moaning to extricate yourself from the garment you’re stuck in, then have security banging on the changing room door because they think you’re doing the wild thang with someone in there.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice from the paragraph above. I ordered a stunning dress for me (2 sizes too small) that was immediately swiped by my 15 year old stepdaughter. She looks amazing in it. I would have had to stand at least a block away from a mirror to think I looked that good.

I found the site easy to navigate through the categories, and one feature that I liked was that you could click on a store, then use the back button and it would take you back to the spot where you’d been browsing so you don’t have to scroll back down through the many, many sales again.

I’ve heard some people complain about the length of time it takes to receive orders, but every item clearly states how long it will take to arrive. Given that many of the sales are sourced overseas I don’t think this is an issue. All of the items I ordered arrived within the time-frame given, and I was able to follow their progress using the tracking on the website.

nzsaleI spent a total of $100 and bought:

  • the aforementioned dress,
  • an anti-bark dog collar for my noisy pooch (it was $15 and is working better than the more expensive ones I’ve bought and subsequently returned to the pet shop),
  • a beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelet
  • Three toys to put aside for Christmas – a remote control helicopter, a build your own salt powered racing car and a pin art sculpture thingy.

All products I ordered were very well packaged and arrived in pristine condition.

Overall I was very happy with the whole NZSale experience. My only gripe now would be how much time I’m spending bargain hunting, but at least no one will be judging me for my crimped hair and excessive use of the teasing brush.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in exchange for a review on my blog. The opinions expressed herein are mine and not indicative of the opinions or positions of NZ Sale. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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