50 shades of sparkling

When I was a kid if an eyelash came out whilst rubbing my eyes I would make a wish and blow it away. I’m not sure where that tradition came from, but it’s one that I’ve passed on to my kids.

This evening while Missy Moo (4) was in the bath, I was looking in the mirror and bemoaning the number of gray hairs that have sprouted. One hair in particular caught my attention due to it’s inability to lie flat with the rest of my hair, and I deemed it necessary to do some extreme plucking (i.e. accidentally pulling out all the normal coloured hair around it as I tried to grasp the offending gray).

“Can I have it Mummy?”

Normally Missy Moo has an extreme aversion to stray hairs, so I was surprised at her request.

“It’s so pretty. Look how it sparkles,” she said holding it up to the light from the late afternoon sun that was poking through the open window. Since we hadn’t had any glitter explosions in the house recently, I took a closer look to find that it did, indeed, sparkle.

“I’m going to make a big wish,” she announced before holding the hair in front of her and closing her eyes. After a moment’s thought she began.

“I wish that Mummy was turned into a beautiful princess with lots of sparkly hair and everyone was happy, and me and Mummy danced and danced and danced and ate ice-cream.”

She sucked in as much air as her little lungs could hold then very enthusiastically blew the hair away before opening her eyes and flashing her brilliant smile at me.

And that, dear readers, is when my overflowing heart finally exploded.

Now please excuse me while I wipe off the spit, dust off my dancing shoes, and pop out for some ice-cream.










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