Is it okay to lie to your children?

Sometimes people ask me if it’s okay to lie to your children. Actually that’s a lie, but I’m sure if people actually saw me as the parenting guru that I see myself, they would be asking for my guidance on such important matters.

Just the other day the other half and myself got to test out the theory.

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for a while, you’ll probably have noticed that motorcycling blood runs in our veins and that our five-year-old son has inherited a healthy dose of this genetic mutation. Of course having a love of motorbikes doesn’t always translate to loving the terrain upon which you are riding. At the most recent round of the motocross club racing we arrived at the track to find it had had a big revamp. For the most part, Master 5 saw this as a good thing, until he looked at the first jump and realised how steep it was.

Tears and tantrums followed with our son vowing to take a shortcut to avoid it, and then reluctantly agreeing to attempt it only if Daddy would push him and his bike up it. Now I should point out that he has been up steeper jumps with no problems, so it was all in his head. Unfortunately he has also inherited my stubborness, which in his case has mutated to a level that is off the charts.

It’s a good job quick thinking Daddy came up with the perfect lie solution before the first race:

Daddy: “While you were off playing with your friends I had the jump lowered so you can go over it now.”

Race Controller (who happened to be walking past at the time): “Yeah, I scraped it between the races so it’s lower. Can you see the channel I made on the jump just for you to ride up?”

Master 5, gazing at the jump for a few moment: “Oh yes, it’s much lower now. I can easily jump that.”

And do you know what? He could



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2 thoughts on “Is it okay to lie to your children?

  1. Ha! I love that! I think this is so cool. My sons want to ride motorcycles so badly, but we just haven’t gotten into these yet. My husband used to have a little one when he was in elementary school. I know your son is loving it, even if he is told a lie or two here or there!
    (Thanks for linking up with “Finding the Funny”!)

    • He is loving it. He’s not very competitive – he just enjoys riding around the track, and that’s fine with us.
      If your sons do get into it I hope the enjoy it as much as mine does.

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