Stop Earthquake, Stop

My five-year-old son has not been coping well with the recent earthquakes. He was at school when the magnitude 6.6 struck, and whilst he appeared to be fine immediately afterwards, seeing other children panicking and upset has had an impression on him. Since then he has been very anxious and anything that causes movement – such as when he’s colouring at the table, a truck goes past, or I move when reading to him in bed – causes him to panic and start crying because he thinks it’s another earthquake.

To help him, I wrote this little book.

Stop earthquake, stop

There has definitely been a reduction in his anxiety levels, although that could also be because the aftershocks have settled down. It does appear to give him some comfort because he asks me to read it when he’s feeling nervous about earthquakes again. If your child is anxious about the shaking, then I hope it helps them too.

Some other great resources are

When  Super Billy’s World Went Wonky – a free ebook that was created to help children after the Christchurch earthquakes

Goldfish Wisdom

Turtle-safe video


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2 thoughts on “Stop Earthquake, Stop

  1. Way to go, Mommy!!
    Recall Mark Twain’s words, edited into Timothy Hurley’s 3rd Law: Whatever you can laugh at no longer has power over you.
    In case you’re wondering, 1st Law: never fart when you’re alone in an elevator.
    2nd Law, which is really common sense: Never run for an elevator.
    Your cute book is informative, teaches science and action the kids can take. And illustrates that Knowledge is Power.

    • Thank you Timothy, and also thank you for providing the bumper car inspiration.
      I’m also thrilled to have a new set of rules to live by.

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