Posted in August 2012

Hot diggity dog we’re barking mad

“Gosh, now that Miss 2 is toilet trained I really miss cleaning up all her little accidents; and now that she’s only waking one or two times a night instead of five, I’m getting too much sleep,”  thought my subconscious – apparently. Most people would give themselves a congratulatory pat on the back and turn to … Continue reading

Bogey Wars

Bogey Wars – a game for girls aged 0 to 10 and boys aged 0 to 100 To have any chance of success in the Bogey Wars you must ensure you have an endless supply of bogeys.  Therefore, it is imperative that your loving nature should be aimed towards those who have snot goblins hanging out of … Continue reading

I’m not quite right in the head

As I reached behind to unhook my bra I had the overwhelming feeling that someone was watching.  Snatching my robe from the bed I clutched it to my chest while looking around wildly.  The curtains were drawn and there were no gaps, but nevertheless I moved to the edge and cautiously peered outside.  All was … Continue reading

This blog is so awesome it farts unicorns

Bloggers like to give out awards to other bloggers, which is really nice and creates a wonderful sense of community in the Blogosphere.  In fact the lovely Sarah from Daily Messes passed on ‘The Liebster Blog Award’ to me, and in doing so made me feel all warm and mushy inside at a time when I really … Continue reading