Posted in May 2012

Sexy Time

  Once you become a Mum the old libido doesn’t visit quite as often. It’s probably something to do with having whiney, clingy kids attached to you all day, and sometimes half the night that makes you want your body all to yourself for a little while. Men, on the other hand, are up for … Continue reading

The toddler cat food diet

You would think that one taste of tinned catfood would be enough to decide not to try it again. Not if you’re a two year old, apparently. I can spend hours slaving away in the kitchen making delectable morsels for my child to turn her nose up at, but let her get her hands on a … Continue reading

Evolution of a 4 year old motorcyclist

Motorcycling is a big part of our lives; in fact it was motorbikes that brought Mr Wub Boo and I together.  So it’s only natural that our kids would inherit a love for them too. For my son, it all started in the womb when his Daddy was racing superbikes, and he spent a lot of … Continue reading

Dance of the Sugar Plum Mum

I have a habit of having really stupid accidents. And embarrassing myself. I’m good at that. The other day I was dancing around the living room. My kids were eating their dinner and enjoying the spectacle of their Mummy dancing, totally uninhibited as the music touched my soul and took over my limbs. Gazelles would … Continue reading

Answers to the big questions

One of the things I love about blogging is checking out my site stats, and in particular, the search terms people typed that brought them to me. Some people have come my way in their search for answers to the big questions, so I shall now endeavour to help them. 1. Tiger head up vs … Continue reading