Posted in April 2012

Sauce Pie

My son likes to come out with some pretty random statements. “I like Sauce Pie Mummy,” he announced while I was hanging washing on the line. “Mmmmm pie.  Do you like it covered in tomato sauce like your Dad?” I enquired. “Huh? No, I like SAUCE PIE!” he shouted at me “Oh do you mean … Continue reading

How to wash a toddler’s hair

First attempt Kneel down so that you are at eye level, stare deeply into her eyes with your facial expression radiating love. Tell her in a calm, lilting voice that it’s bathtime and you will be washing her hair. Pick up your screaming, writhing toddler who has suddenly gained super-human strength and try to put … Continue reading

Simple Pleasures

One of the things I love about my kids at this age (currently almost 4 years and 2 years) is that their most favourite treat in the whole wide World doesn’t cost me a thing. Each week when I do the grocery shopping they are told that if they behave they will get their treat, … Continue reading

Possessed by the Sugar Demon

This year the task of Easter egg shopping was undertaken by Mr Wub Boo. Now I’m not saying he did it wrong, because, bless him, he was so enthusiastic about it, but he didn’t do it my way – you know, the right way! My plan was to get the kids one little Easter egg … Continue reading