Posted in March 2012

Parenting versus Toddler Parenting

So you’re worried that you might not be a good Mum?  Well here’s a handy checklist comparing good parenting with toddler parenting.  If you get all ticks then you’re doing a great job. 1.  Sunscreen = good                                       … Continue reading

A Marmighty Catastrophe

Not only do we have to contend with the Give Way Rules changing in just a few days, but all the news bulletins delivered the shocking news yesterday that we are about to run out of Marmite! Now for the uninitiated, Marmite is made from yeast extract as a by product of beer brewing. Whilst … Continue reading

How I met their Father

A tale of motorcycles and gold sequinned G-strings In honour of the fact that Mr Wub Boo and myself completely forgot it was our anniversary yesterday, I decided to write about how we met. Once upon a time I was a fairly attractive, adrenaline junkie working as a Paramedic in notorious South Auckland. In my … Continue reading

The Toddler Guide to when Mummy is unwell

Ten fun things for you to do (Let me clarify: that’s fun for your toddler, not so much for you)   It’s a well known fact that a Mummy isn’t allowed to sleep during the day. If by chance Mummy manages to lay her weary head down for a few minutes, you must immediately grab … Continue reading

Ode to my butt crack

In a time before kids came along My butt cheeks spilled nicely from my thong Rounded and firm, they were perfect to grasp And bending over caused men to gasp Then a bit of fun under the sheet Had spermies racing to an egg so sweet Her suitor she found, the rest got the flick … Continue reading

Are you ready for your alien abduction?

Did you know that March the 20th is Alien Abduction Day? No? Well it’s just lucky I brought it to your attention so you can get your UFO Abduction Insurance in time. If you’re hoping to be abducted on this day, you might like to head to UFO Center to research the best spot for UFO sightings. There’s nothing … Continue reading