Posted in February 2012

Don’t stab a Nun

How many of you remember that catchy song by Pluto called “Don’t Stab a Nun”?  I’ve always thought it was an odd thing to sing about, but nevertheless I warbled along to it every time I heard it on the radio. And then someone heard me singing along and they started laughing at me. I … Continue reading

The pre-schooler’s guide to entomology

My son loves bugs, and at the grand old age of three years and eight months, he has proclaimed himself as an expert. He can tell you all sorts of fun and fascinating facts that even seasoned Entomologists didn’t know. An encounter with a bug we’ve never seen before will have him announcing that we … Continue reading

Potties are for amateurs

Have you ever had the urge to try and poo through the eye of a needle? No? Can’t say it’s on my list of things to do either . My daughter, on the other hand, appears to be in training to do just that. Just lately she’s been finding smaller and smaller recepticles to deposit … Continue reading

How does a toddler brain work?

I really started wondering about this after an incident tonight. Honestly I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Let me set the scene… Bathtime is over and I’m getting one child dried and dressed while the other runs around nudey rudey pretending she’s a butterfly. I am distracted by Home & Away the chattering of … Continue reading