Glitterising our world – a few Christmas craft ideas

Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.  But at least it adds a festive air to my carpets, chairs, food, hair and the contents of my daughter’s nappies.
At this time of year ‘though, you can’t really get away from using glitter when you’re feeling crafty, so here’s a great idea that keeps the glitter in one spot.

Snow Globes
1 clean plastic jar – peanut butter ones are great
Blue tack
Small plastic model (we used a smurf from a Kinder Surprise egg)
Water or baby oil
Place a big ball of blue tack on the inside of the lid.  Make sure it comes up high enough so the figurine will be visible above the lid and make sure your figurine is firmly placed in the blue tack.  In the jar add glitter and water or baby oil (the glitter will fall more slowly if you use baby oil).  Screw the lid on tightly and turn upside down.

Christmas Crackers
Toilet roll inners
A4 sheets of paper
Stickers to decorate
Lollies in a small bag or wrapped in paper
Place the lollies inside the toilet roll inner.  Roll up in paper and cellotape down.  Twist or squish the paper at each end of the toilet roll inner. Decorate with stickers and copious amounts of glitter, then wander around the house shaking the cracker to spread some glitter cheer.

Another great craft idea is to make your own modelling clay.  Unfortunately my step-daughters took their fantastic creations home before I could get photos, (Miss 12′s Santa face was awesome), and the snowman that I made has been spirited away somewhere by Miss 22 months.  All we have left are the little blobs made by Master 3 and painted in that lovely grey/brown colour that little kids seem to be so partial to mixing up.  Here’s the recipe anyway, and perhaps you could pop photos up of your creations.

Modelling clay
2 cups salt
2/3 cups water
1 cup cornflour
1/2 cup very cold water

Mix salt and 2/3 cup water in a pot and heat over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat, add cold water and cornflour and stir.  It should look like mashed potatoe.  Allow to cool then knead until is is a smooth dough.  Add more cornflour if it’s too sticky.
Get creative, and then once you are finished, bake your creations at 50°C for a few hours or let it air dry for 2 – 3 days.  This clay is a wonderful glittery white, so the colours are really vibrant when you paint it.  Once painted it’s worth popping back in the oven for a little while as the paint can make the clay wet again.

Here’s a few links to some cool craft ideas to keep the kids busy before Christmas:

Kidspot crafts
Enchanted Learning


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