Posted in November 2011

Dinosaurs and their you-know-whats

The other day Master 3 got a wonderful present from his Grandad; a dinosaur kit where you have to build the skeleton of a T-Rex.  I love gifts like this (as my long-suffering step daughters will attest) as they provide wonderful learning opportunities and special time doing something together.  I was looking forward to having … Continue reading

Making a playhouse from a sun shelter

A few years ago we bought this big sun shelter for $30 that we hardly ever use, so yesterday I set it up outside for the kids to play in. With them both being unwell, it was a nice way for them to have some quiet play out in the fresh air.  Their little fold … Continue reading

How to look beautiful when you’re a Mum

I’ve been doing the Mumvember challenge and on ‘Make an effort Monday’, in a very rare event, I straightened my hair and put on some makeup.  Feeling good about myself I asked Master 3  if I looked pretty.  After looking at me for a while his soul-destroying answer was “not just yet Mummy”.  He then grabbed a … Continue reading