Posted in September 2011

A shower story

This morning, while my other half was still at home, I had a shower just so I could wash my hair. Ten minutes later I was getting dressed when I realised I’d got out without doing the deed I had gone in there to do.   I blame my brain fade on the severe lack … Continue reading

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Up until very recently Master 3 could be counted on to tell the truth.  I would hear a scream, followed by a thump and, on asking my son what happened, would be told quite matter-of-factly that he’d pushed his sister off the couch. It was cute and innocent so the telling off generally lacked the … Continue reading

I’ve got a good idea

Warning: Don’t let your hubby read the first paragraph in case they are inspired! “I’ve got a good idea…”  Five little words to strike fear in my heart when uttered by my significant other and his two brothers.  The good idea will usually involve kids’ motorbikes of some description, a video camera or two to film the carnage, and … Continue reading