Jan 29

Superhero Costume

How to make a superhero costume/cape

batman and supergirl costomes

After seeing some of the superhero outfits at my son’s pre-school and how easily they were damaged, I decided to have a go at making some that could take a bit more abuse. I wanted the capes to be integrated into the outfit so there was no risk of strangulation.

For the bodice cut fabric as shown below.

superhero fabric

For the cape – cut rectangle of fabric 60cm long by 44cm wide. To make the neckline on the bodice, fold lengthways and cut an oval shape large enough for head to go through.superhero01Using the oval cutout as a guide, cut a neckhole lining as shown below.superhero02Press and hem the sides and ends of the bodice, around the outer edges of the neckpiece, and the sides and bottom of the cape. Trace the superhero logo onto interfacing then iron onto fabric and cut out. Note that for the Superman logo you will need to reverse the image.supermanlogoUsing a small zigzag stitch, sew around all the edges.batmanlogo02supermanlogo02


Sew along the top edge of the cape with the tension on your sewing machine set to the highest setting so that it gathers the fabric as you sew. Place the wrong side of the cape to the right side of the bodice and arrange the gathers so they fit along the neckline. Place the neck lining wrong side up to the right sides of the bodice and cape as shown below.


Sew around the neckline then turn the neck lining through the neckhole and iron down.


Topstitch around the neckline.


Sew a piece of elastic between each side of the bodice to act as armholes and to keep the bodice from blowing around.


And you’re done. For the batman costume I used this tutorial by Sew Can Do for the mask and some cool gauntlets. For the girls, make the Superman costume into a Supergirl by adding a circle skirt

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