Sep 01

The Runaway Running Bike


For her 3rd birthday, we bought our daughter a balance bike because we’d seen how effective they were with her older brother. He didn’t need training wheels when he graduated to a pedal bike, and his time on the balance bike also proved invaluable for when he started riding a motorbike when he was almost …

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Aug 24

Stop Earthquake, Stop

My five-year-old son has not been coping well with the recent earthquakes. He was at school when the magnitude 6.6 struck, and whilst he appeared to be fine immediately afterwards, seeing other children panicking and upset has had an impression on him. Since then he has been very anxious and anything that causes movement – …

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Jul 22

Shake, rattle and roll

It was just after 9 on the Friday morning and I was enjoying the hot spray of the shower on my aching body. My sinuses and ears were blocked, causing me to be a little off balance, so I didn’t really notice the shaking. I did, however, hear lots of banging through the wall to …

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Jun 08

The Dialect Quiz

I hate being in front of the camera, but today I find myself doing exactly that after responding to the call from Kelley of Kelley’s Breakroom for people to film themselves saying certain words. Apparently it’s to hear all the different dialects, but really it’s just a fetish thing. Not being one to rain on anyone’s fetish …

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Jun 06

That awkward moment when


Today I was dancing in the kitchen and singing along to the radio while making lunch (and remembering who wanted what in their sandwich, and on which side of the toasted sandwich maker said sandwich was cooking because you don’t want to accidentally get the Spam sandwich that your child requested). I effortlessly multi-tasked while …

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May 23

Are you calling me a mad cow?


You know that look of horror on people’s faces when you mention your child (or you – thanks kids) has hand, foot and mouth? No? Then you haven’t experienced the joys of this particular childhood disease. Correctly interpreting their look, you quickly reassure them that it’s not the same as the one that cows get. …

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Apr 23

Parental guilt and how my son got his mojo back


Last year I wrote about my son learning to ride his motorbike by himself. Since then he’s had a bike upgrade. It went well to start with, but then he and his bike had a disagreement and we struggled to get him to ride it. If we took him down to ride on the grass by the …

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Apr 15

Toddler Birthday Game

toddler birthday game

After seeing all those birthday games circulating on social media, I decided a toddler version was required. All I can say is thank goodness my son didn’t arrive on his due date of 31 May!  

Mar 15

Turn an entertainment unit into a superhero hideout


How to turn an entertainment unit into a doll house, school and superhero hideout My kids have become bored with the kitchen I fashioned for them from an old entertainment unit so I figured it was time to put it to a new use. Before we started I gave myself a pat on the back for doing …

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Mar 13

I’ve-a weta the bed

yeah right

I’ve-a weta the bed You know that moment when you’re sound asleep in bed and the collar on your husband’s t-shirt (that you ‘borrowed’ to use as a pyjama top) feels funny? Naturally my first thought was that I was wearing the t-shirt round the wrong way since I do this on average once a …

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