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Feb 02

Fashion advice for the wearing of Orange Motocross Gloves


If you’ve got yourself a nice pair of orange motocross gloves, you might think you’ve got all the business of when to wear them sussed out. I mean it’s pretty obvious, right? Well think again. When you should wear orange motocross gloves     When you should NOT wear orange motocross gloves Happy birthday to …

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Jun 06

That awkward moment when


Today I was dancing in the kitchen and singing along to the radio while making lunch (and remembering who wanted what in their sandwich, and on which side of the toasted sandwich maker said sandwich was cooking because you don’t want to accidentally get the Spam sandwich that your child requested). I effortlessly multi-tasked while …

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Apr 15

Toddler Birthday Game

toddler birthday game

After seeing all those birthday games circulating on social media, I decided a toddler version was required. All I can say is thank goodness my son didn’t arrive on his due date of 31 May!  

Jan 11

Hula Hoopla


I have a lot of bright ideas that don’t seem so bright afterwards. Now most people can blame a lot of their bright ideas on alcohol consumption, but since I don’t actually drink very often I’m going to blame mine on the lost brain cells caused by having children. My latest bright idea was to …

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Aug 13

I’m not quite right in the head


As I reached behind to unhook my bra I had the overwhelming feeling that someonewas watching.  Snatching my robe from the bed I clutched it to my chest while looking around wildly.  The curtains were drawn and there were no gaps, but nevertheless I moved to the edge and cautiously peered outside.  All was clear. …

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Jul 23

Fart Games


Back in the mists of time, when the love between Mr Wub Boo and I was blossoming, a dreadful thing happened. We were still at that loved-up stage in our relationship where bodily functions only happened to other people. So you can imagine my surprise when I was rudely awoken by the duvet being placed …

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May 15

Dance of the Sugar Plum Mum

I have a habit of having really stupid accidents. And embarrassing myself. I’m good at that. The other day I was dancing around the living room. My kids were eating their dinner and enjoying the spectacle of their Mummy dancing, totally uninhibited as the music touched my soul and took over my limbs. Gazelles would …

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Mar 20

A Marmighty Catastrophe


Not only do we have to contend with the Give Way Rules changing in just a few days, but all the news bulletins delivered the shocking news yesterday that we are about to run out of Marmite! Now for the uninitiated, Marmite is made from yeast extract as a by product of beer brewing. Whilst …

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Mar 07

Ode to my butt crack

In a time before kids came along My butt cheeks spilled nicely from my thong Rounded and firm, they were perfect to grasp And bending over caused men to gasp Then a bit of fun under the sheet Had spermies racing to an egg so sweet Her suitor she found, the rest got the flick …

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Feb 22

Don’t stab a Nun

How many of you remember that catchy song by Pluto called “Don’t Stab a Nun”?  I’ve always thought it was an odd thing to sing about, but nevertheless I warbled along to it every time I heard it on the radio. And then someone heard me singing along and they started laughing at me. I …

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