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Oct 02

The How to Guide – Sibling Elimination


How to eliminate a sibling without causing offence Miss 4 created a wonderful cut out family to play with. See the biggest one there? That’s me. I know what you’re thinking – the likeness is uncanny! As I lugged around that giant arm of mine, I asked her who the other people were. The smallest …

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Aug 02

You can be the Grandma


“I’ll be the Mum and you can be the Grandma,” said Miss Four. “Wait, what?” I said, tearing my eyes away from the very important work I was doing on the computer (Facebook). She thrust her doll at me. “Baby wants Grandma.” “Um, okay then but I’d like you to know that I’m a bit …

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Jun 26

The rainbow loom dilemma


My six-year-old son will be having a tonsillectomy in a few days. He’s pretty scared about it, but the promise of a special gift for being brave is helping him get through the anxiety. I asked him what he would like for his gift and he immediately answered ‘a Rainbow Loom’. They’re all nuts about …

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Apr 16

6am storytime


I am fortunate that every morning I get to listen to a story once I’m awake. Grudgingly awake I might add, usually from being bounced on, but you can’t hold a grudge for too long in the face of such enthusiasm for the new day. This morning Missy Moo “read” to me from the word …

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Apr 01

50 shades of sparkling

When I was a kid if an eyelash came out whilst rubbing my eyes I would make a wish and blow it away. I’m not sure where that tradition came from, but it’s one that I’ve passed on to my kids. This evening while Missy Moo (4) was in the bath, I was looking in …

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Feb 02

Fashion advice for the wearing of Orange Motocross Gloves


If you’ve got yourself a nice pair of orange motocross gloves, you might think you’ve got all the business of when to wear them sussed out. I mean it’s pretty obvious, right? Well think again. When you should wear orange motocross gloves     When you should NOT wear orange motocross gloves Happy birthday to …

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Jan 11

Nine Rules for Space Travel

no motorcycle suits in space

When he’s out past his bedtime, Master Five tends to chatter at over a hundred miles an hour, and his thoughts flip-flop all over the place. On a recent night-time trip into the Emergency Department for a little boy with excruciating abdominal pain, I got to experience this wonderful phenomena when, after an almighty chunder, …

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Nov 03

Feeding your fake fish

fish god

Creating your own underwater world when you’re three-years-old can be a wonderful crafting experience where you get to use lots of skills and see your ideas turned into reality. Or it can be a wonderful crafting experience (for your Mother) that turns you into an Evil Overlord who rules with an iron fist. Whilst being an …

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Oct 28

Copulatus Interruptus

Iron man face

It’s every parents’ nightmare; the fear of being caught in the act by your offspring. Apart from the time I had my own cheering squad, we’ve been lucky up to this point, but that may have something to do with the fact that opportunities are few and far between when you have young children. When the …

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Oct 06

Doodle Doodling


My kids have both been late developers when it came to artwork. On the rare occasions that my son could be coerced into doing some painting at pre-school, he would do a few blobs, declare his masterpiece was done and scamper off to play before anyone got any ideas about making him do any more. …

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