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And then my head exploded

A couple of weeks ago the other half got to swan off to Sydney for work, where he was put up in a fancy hotel and got to eat decent food while relaxing to the dulcet tones of no children. Then he returned home and promptly announced that he didn’t feel well. A trip to … Continue reading

Parental bragging rights

Let’s be honest here, as a parent the only reason you have a Facebook account is to brag about your children. Of the last three billion posts on my personal profile, at least three billion of them have been about my sproglings. Strangely, though, as the number of child-related posts increases, there appears to be … Continue reading

The How to Guide – Sibling Elimination

How to eliminate a sibling without causing offence Miss 4 created a wonderful cut out family to play with. See the biggest one there? That’s me. I know what you’re thinking – the likeness is uncanny! As I lugged around that giant arm of mine, I asked her who the other people were. The smallest … Continue reading

You can be the Grandma

“I’ll be the Mum and you can be the Grandma,” said Miss Four. “Wait, what?” I said, tearing my eyes away from the very important work I was doing on the computer (Facebook). She thrust her doll at me. “Baby wants Grandma.” “Um, okay then but I’d like you to know that I’m a bit … Continue reading

The rainbow loom dilemma

My six-year-old son will be having a tonsillectomy in a few days. He’s pretty scared about it, but the promise of a special gift for being brave is helping him get through the anxiety. I asked him what he would like for his gift and he immediately answered ‘a Rainbow Loom’. They’re all nuts about … Continue reading

6am storytime

I am fortunate that every morning I get to listen to a story once I’m awake. Grudgingly awake I might add, usually from being bounced on, but you can’t hold a grudge for too long in the face of such enthusiasm for the new day. This morning Missy Moo “read” to me from the word … Continue reading

50 shades of sparkling

When I was a kid if an eyelash came out whilst rubbing my eyes I would make a wish and blow it away. I’m not sure where that tradition came from, but it’s one that I’ve passed on to my kids. This evening while Missy Moo (4) was in the bath, I was looking in … Continue reading

Nine Rules for Space Travel

When he’s out past his bedtime, Master Five tends to chatter at over a hundred miles an hour, and his thoughts flip-flop all over the place. On a recent night-time trip into the Emergency Department for a little boy with excruciating abdominal pain, I got to experience this wonderful phenomena when, after an almighty chunder, … Continue reading