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Nov 03

Feeding your fake fish

fish god

Creating your own underwater world when you’re three-years-old can be a wonderful crafting experience where you get to use lots of skills and see your ideas turned into reality. Or it can be a wonderful crafting experience (for your Mother) that turns you into an Evil Overlord who rules with an iron fist. Whilst being an …

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Sep 15

Craft Whores


Totally inappropriate crafty makeover When The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse announced they were going to be holding a Craft Whores contest, I knew it was time to get my creative juices flowing again. Since my mind is terribly inappropriate at the best of times, the hardest part for me was deciding which one of my naughty ideas should …

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Dec 19

Glitterising our world – a few Christmas craft ideas

Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.  But at least it adds a festive air to my carpets, chairs, food, hair and the contents of my daughter’s nappies. At this time of year ‘though, you can’t really get away from using glitter when you’re feeling crafty, so here’s a great idea that keeps the glitter …

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