Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 25

Help! I’ve got Fairies


For a while now I’ve had suspicions that some of the wee folk were visiting my house to provide their special type of (generally misguided) help. I’m not sure how I ended up with them, but research suggests I may have unintentionally uttered the secret words that allowed them to slip through to our world …

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Jan 15

Glamouring! Adding a bit of sparkle to the life of a stay at home mum


Courier drivers, meter readers and door-to-door salespeople have all caught me in interesting states.  Like the day my kids decided to decorate my face with stickers.  Or the time I was in full swing doing the special monkey dance I’d created.  And of course there’s all the times when my children become buddinghairdressers and turn their instruments of torture …

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Jan 05

Kittens and Toddlers – what’s the difference

A couple of weeks before Christmas we got a kitten.  Of course getting a kitten was all  about having a furry companion for the kids and nothing at all to do with the fact that  my youngest is about to turn 2 and Mummy was feeling a bit clucky.  Now in theory getting a fur baby …

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